Garmin Approach® R10 Hire at range


Small and easy to move  onto the driving range, Approach R10 is the portable launch monitor that brings the course to you.


The included phone mount clips to your golf bag, letting you view and interact with the Garmin Golf app on your compatible smartphone between swings.


Work to improve your shot consistency by tracking metrics such as club head speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle, launch direction, smash factor and more.

For practical purposes, when it comes to distance, you can assume that the R10 would be off by a few yards at worst. When it comes to other metrics, Garmin gives the accuracies as:

Using at Melville Practice range

Garmin Approach R10 Driving Range Mode

Through the Garmin Golf app, you can access the Driving Range Mode which simulates your shot on a virtual driving range and provides the full set of data metrics after every shot.

You can do other things in Driving Range Mode, including:

  • use your phone’s camera to record swings during a range session (Swing Capture)
  • view driving range session statistics for each shot and club
  • enable audio metrics that are spoken after each shot
  • toggle to an overhead camera view with distance markers
  • view advanced swing metrics

Ask at the golf reception for hire options