Course Tickets and Membership 2023

Application for Season  tickets for 2023 at Melville are now available  and run to 31st January 2024. Pricing and payment is through the link below by card so we can track payment renewals.
An envelope with 2023 tags can be picked up from the Starters Hut in February once you have confirmed the option you wish to continue with
Application forms are here

The  new subscription type is by monthly payment – an initial payment of £95 then 9 payments of £54

All 2023 ticket holders are required to sign up to YourGolfBooking to be able to reserve tee times and credit your account.  When you sign up, if you have not already, you may need to check your spam folder to retrieve passwords. Providing your mobile number allows the starter to phone if there is a problem with the tee-off or the course is closed at short notice.
Once registered golfers are able to book on 0131 654 0224 with 7 days notice. FastTrack booking available on request
Enjoy your season