To accompany our lonely robots we have introduced  a wild Kawasaki Mule onto the Range. The Mule can tip, provide comfort  and pickup range balls!

With a top speed of 21mph!

Here he is on the range, click photo to enjoy!



I thought I would give you an update on the greens.

As you are all probably aware the greens have suffered this year due to lack of maintenance throughout the spring , lockdown (COVID-19) and staff being furloughed.

The greens on the golf course have suffered this year due to coming out of an extremely wet winter and having extreme heats over the lockdown period. With the irrigation system not working on hole no.2 and hole no.8 they have suffered from severe dry patch. Basidiomycete (superficial fairy rings) have also developed due to no Symbio products (compost teas) and bio stimulants  being applied since last November and have left the greens unsightly and has affected ball roll.

Going forward we have had Turf Irrigation Services  (TIS)  in to service the system and have replaced decoders and solonoids, installed some new sprinkler heads on the 2nd green, 6th green and 7th green and we have replaced all  the sprinkler heads on the 3rd tees to give more coverage. We will continue to keep replacing the sprinkler heads over the next year to a more reliable unit as the current sprinkler heads are not reliable due to there age.

I have also been seeking advice from Symbio and we have had soil samples taken for analysis which I will share when results are in.

We have also been advised to double our wetting agent inputs and instead of a cheap budget wetter we are now using a better quality product which will enable moisture to flow through the soil profile and will allow beneficial soil moisture to be retained. Whilst we are working this into the soil profile we have to irrigate for longer periods and the greens will appear wet and soft over the next few weeks.

Due to lockdown and most companies closed for business our first application of compost teas and bio stimulants were not applied until mid June we are now doubling up our inputs over the next few months  to allow more microbes in to the thatch layer in a short space of time. This will help to break down the thatch layer encourage deeper rooting which will also increase nutrient and water uptake as well as improving the soil profile.

The greens have been micro tined fortnightly to allow better penetration of water and air and we are applying liquid aeration after tining. We have been advised to increase the height of cut to 6mm to take the stress out of the plant and will also help with seed germination after over-seeding.

Next week we are continuing with our very late spring maintenance! Apologies in advance for any disruption in play.
Monday- Light verti cut and micro tined to create seed pockets.
Tuesday – Wetting agent applied and watered in to the soil profile.
Wednesday / Thursday – Over-seeding worn areas and sand top dressing , worked into the surface this will help level out the greens and will help with smoothing the surface and also seed germination.
Friday – brushed into surface.

I hope this has given you some information on what has happened to the greens over the spring and what we are planning in the next few months to improve the putting surfaces.

At the golf range we have:

  • 14 Automatic Powertees and Shock resistant strike mats
  • LED Lighting: Short range LED sports light and long range sports luminaire.
  • Quality Srixon 2 piece range balls
  • Manicured Outfield with help of Mowbot Robots
  • Contactless RFID Practice Card
  • True 300 yard targets and markers with rugby posts
  • TrueStrike mats
  • 2m high and 4m wide bay dividers

We are reopening Melville Golf Centre .

For visitors to the golf course 24 hour bookings for tee-offs can be made from 10am on Thursday 28th  Call 0131 654 0224. Tee-offs are open from 0730am on Friday 29th.

Guidelines will be further explained when you make your booking. Tee-offs limited to 2 golfers (3 for one household) and we require email details for contact tracking purposes. Greens will be cut to 6mm.

Anyone arriving without booking in advance will not be permitted onto the golf course. Members of the Golf Club have a 7 day booking window

Everything subject to change to follow government announcements.

Visiting the practice range doesn’t require booking.

  • No toilets or drinks available.
  • Shop closed, outdoor only.
  • Golfers in one car with one other guest from the same household.
  • Putting green is closed.
  • Enter and exit the golf range in single file
  • Bacterial spray provided  to clean basket handles before use at the range ball machine
  • Strictly a maximum of 1 person per Range Bay. Sharing of Range Bays is not permitted
  • All customers expected to adhere to our safety guidelines safety guidelines.
  • Anyone found not to be adhering to these guidelines will be asked to leave.
  • For the foreseeable future, we no longer accept cash. Card Payments Only! Preferably contactless.

We would like to reiterate that all government guidelines are being followed and we are striving to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for you to get back playing golf.

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

The temperatures have risen and the golf course is turning green.  However for us humans it is green with envy. Clearly we are all missing outdoors and the golf centre is planning to open up under restricted access, when allowed.

On the range we have been busy renovating. New distance markers, instructed our mowbot to manicure the outfield, setup a new hand wash basin and laid out new strike mats.


John Murray our PGA Coach was last seen on a bicycle at the end of March heading into the horizon. If you want to email him with any home practice or coaching queries his email is

On the course maintenance tasks are being carried out with the guidance of BIGGA and the R&A. A summary of mowing activities is below:

Greens – are being mown according to the rate of growth at the moment once per week and the height of cut has been raised to 7mm. Dew removal is carried out on non mowing days to prevent disease spread.

Fairways and greens surrounds – are being cut once per week and the height of cut has also been raised to 20mm

Rough – only rough that is considered to be in direct play is being mown once per fortnight allowing for naturalisation to areas largely out of play.

Tees – are not being cut and have been fed with a slow release fertiliser to thicken up the sward and allow for fresh growth and aid recovery to worn areas.

When the course reopens it is likely to be for safe golfing & exercise. For example the model being trialed in Jersey is single or two ball play with no congregations in buildings or car parks. Here is an article which is an interesting read.

If you are social media inclined you are welcome to follow us on  or instagram @melvillegolf.


As a sporting venue, Melville Golf Centre take health issues seriously and as a Board we wish to let you know that we are monitoring the advice given with regard to the containment of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Latest information can be found on the link:-

Both the range and course will remain open and we have no plans to cancel any of our activities at this point in time inline with current Government advice. We will continue to monitor all available information and act accordingly.

Golf is a great sport for people to get out, exercise and enjoy fresh air. However, we would ask all members and visitors to follow the guidelines set out by the NHS and the Government.

  • Wash hands well and regularly with soap and water
  • Cover mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing and dispose of used tissues safely
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth if your hands are not clean
  • Do not kiss or shake hands unnecessarily
  • Do not come to the Golf centre if you have any of the symptoms; a fever, a cough or breathing difficulties and please refer to NHS guidance

There is extra hand wipes, club wipes and sanitisers available. Both drinks and food are to be consumed outside the premises.

Thanking you for your cooperation-please enjoy your golf practice facilities that we provide.


Firstly a reminder that we are open for practice for juniors attending the classes:

  • After 2pm Saturdays and Sundays – 6 hole wee course and putting – free
  • After 2pm Sundays – 9 hole course (accompanied by an adult) and 6 hole wee course /putting free of charge. Any adult who wishes to also play with the Junior on the 9 hole Course will be charged a reduced rate of £10.

Easter Camp – runs  over 5 days on April 6th – 10th. Cost is £60 per person. Please book at range reception or call 0131 663 8038.

  • 3pm – 3.30pm Beginners
  • 330pm – 5pm         Improvers


Firstly a reminder that we are open for practice for juniors attending the classes:

  • After 2pm Saturdays and Sundays – 6 hole wee course and putting – free
  • After 2pm Sundays – 9 hole course (accompanied by an adult) and 6 hole wee course /putting free of charge. Any adult who wishes to also play with the Junior on the 9 hole Course will be charged a reduced rate of £10.
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.During the 5 days we will cover ALL the aspects of the game of golf;·        Putting·        Chipping·        Pitching

    ·        Bunkers

    ·        Full Shots

    ·        Course outing

If these dates don’t suit then the please organise your diary for the Spring term dates, the course will run for 8 consecutive weeks and costs £65.

  • Thursday 30th April 45-6.45      12 yrs +
  • Friday 1st May                  30-4.30      8-9 years
  • Friday 1st May                  30-5.30      10-12 years
  • Saturday 2nd May             10-11           12 years+
  • Saturday 2nd May             11-12           6-7 years+
  • Sunday 3rd May           10-11           Majority Girls
  • Sunday 29th April           11-12           7-10 years

Also keep up to date with new on and melvillegolf on insta.

At Melville Golf Centre we offer a number of initiatives and discounts for Senior Golfers.

  • Range Discount: Over 60’s can request a discount for range balls Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm at reception. Discounted prices are £4.50 for 50 balls and £6.50 for 100 balls. Putting practice £1
  • Seniors Coaching Classes: On Tuesdays Mornings at 10am and 11am a lesson can be booked with our PGA Professional for £10. This includes 100 range balls, tea or coffee and biscuits. Places are limited; booking with one weeks notice on 0131 663 8038.
  • Seniors Golf; 9 holes of golf on the course Monday to Friday dawn to 5pm only £10!
  • Seniors season ticket: 5 days golf 8am to 5pm only £340 per year for over 65’s



Course Tickets – valid until 31st January 2021

A. Pay & Play Ticket – Benefits of Joining – £195

• Complimentary greenfees for 8 rounds which can be of either 9 or 18 holes can be used for medals, competitions or general play. One credit used for every tee time.
• After 50 paid rounds of 9 holes or 25 paid rounds of 18 holes – free golf
• Complimentary greenfees for Club Championship only
• Free use of putting green, Moby’s putting zone, practice bunkers & 6 hole short game areas, subject to availability.
• 2 separate guest greenfees per month at discounted greenfee rate £10.00 for 9 holes, £18 for 18 holes weekdays and weekends. Registration book at course reception.
• Free range ball card for 5 baskets of 50 range balls worth £20.00
• Personal Liability insurance on any UK golf course for 1 year
• More flexible and convenient than direct debit schemes offered by other clubs
• Offers throughout the year

B. Full Weekly Ticket – from £320 to £535

All of the overleaf benefits PLUS unlimited golf – no green fees

C. £100 Ticket

4 rounds of golf. Ideal as a starter or a way to obtain, maintain or renew lapsed CONGU handicap once they have joined Melville Golf Club. Allows the golfer to play 54 qualifying holes rounds of 18 or 9 holes of golf with Includes personal liability insurance.




Download a pdf of our 2020 ticket prices, invoice & application form below:

Benefits and membership 2020

Call 0131 663 8038  with your credit card details and we will post a gift voucher of any value to you or your friend as a present. Voucher includes a gift certificate holder with clear directions to the golf centre to be used for lessons, the 9 hole course, or whatever you wish. Any questions can be answered by calling 663 8038. Open 9.oo am to 9.30 pm weekdays, 7.30pm weekends.