Updates on range & course

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

The temperatures have risen and the golf course is turning green.  However for us humans it is green with envy. Clearly we are all missing outdoors and the golf centre is planning to open up under restricted access, when allowed.

On the range we have been busy renovating. New distance markers, instructed our mowbot to manicure the outfield, setup a new hand wash basin and laid out new strike mats.


John Murray our PGA Coach was last seen on a bicycle at the end of March heading into the horizon. If you want to email him with any home practice or coaching queries his email is john.119@hotmail.co.uk

On the course maintenance tasks are being carried out with the guidance of BIGGA and the R&A. A summary of mowing activities is below:

Greens – are being mown according to the rate of growth at the moment once per week and the height of cut has been raised to 7mm. Dew removal is carried out on non mowing days to prevent disease spread.

Fairways and greens surrounds – are being cut once per week and the height of cut has also been raised to 20mm

Rough – only rough that is considered to be in direct play is being mown once per fortnight allowing for naturalisation to areas largely out of play.

Tees – are not being cut and have been fed with a slow release fertiliser to thicken up the sward and allow for fresh growth and aid recovery to worn areas.

When the course reopens it is likely to be for safe golfing & exercise. For example the model being trialed in Jersey is single or two ball play with no congregations in buildings or car parks. Here is an article which is an interesting read. https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/coronavirus-les-mielles-golfer-advice/

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